School in Wijdenes
Mrs. L.P.J. de Jager Meezenbroek-van Beverwijk
Mrs L.P.J. de Jager Meezenrboek- van Beverwijk was an important lacemaker, teacher and designer in the Netherlands around 1920. She founded the lace school in Wijdenes and initiated the New Dutch Lace. This was a complete new approach of bobbin lace in that time.
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Dress called “Les vases communicants” of Elsa Schiaparelli
“Tears and Lace” of the Elsa Schiaparelli fashion house
When I read the recent TRC blog about Elsa Schiaparelli, I thought of the exhibition The Art of Lace (2020) in the TextileMuseum in Tilburg. This exhibition, adapted from an earlier exhibition called 'Haute Dentelle' mounted in Calais in 2018, was an ode to lace manufacturers, but also to the fashion houses that use lace. The curator then was Sylvie Marot.
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Monogram of Annelie van Olffen
In Memoriam Annelie van Olffen-Spikermann
Deceased February 8, 2023.

Annelie was born in 1936 in Stettin, now Poland. At the end of World War II, the Spikermann family had to leave Stettin and moved to a village near Schneeberg. Through a friend she came into contact with bobbin lace.
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