My students come every 2 weeks to me for a lesson. New students start mostly with the “Explore Course”. In this the basic stitches, corners, a lesson of Schneeberg lace and the start of Torchon are included. This gives them a idea, what bobbin lace is, how it is made, what they want to make and which type of lace they are the most interested in.

Explore Course
This course is especially meant for starters. First we start with the basic stitches, then a simple piece of Schneeberg lace, corners and a little bit of Torchon. The purpose of this course is to give the students an idea of the possibilities of bobbin lace.
The complete course Guipure exists of 24 lessons. In these lessons the students will be practising the plaits with their crossings, the different tallies. Also the others technics of the guipure such as corners, adding and removing pairs, picots and false plaits are given in the lessons.
Often I recommend to do the Guipure after the Explore Course, because in this lace type there are many technical aspects, also used in the other laces, but which are easier to learn in the Guipure.
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The course Torchon exists of 12 lessons. In these lessons the student practises the different grounds, spiders, fans and other decorations in this lace. Furhtermore they learn to read diagrams in black and white and in the international color code.
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Dutch lace
The course for Dutch lace exists of 11 lessons. In these lessons laces of several Dutch designers from the beginning of the 20th century are to be made. The laces for the lessons are chosen because they increase in difficulty and they include many technical aspects of the Dutch lace of that period.
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Tape laces
The tape laces of Russia, Italia, Schneeberg and Ragussa are combined in this course. When the student wants to continue in one of the tape laces it is possible to do so. It is also possible to do only one of the tape laces. Because there is a piece of Schneeberg lace in the Explore Course, some people like to continue straightaway with this type of tape lace.
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Bruges Flowerwork
The course Bruges Flowerwork consists of 6 lessons. In these lessons the student learns how to make the different ways of starting and ending the motifs, several grounds of plaits, the flowers, drops and leaves.
The maximum amount of bobbins used in the lessons, is about 14 pairs; perhaps a few more in some fillings.
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